Creative Social Media for Odds Farm Park

Creative Social Media for Odds Farm Park


Increase in Instagram followers from 2018 to 2019


Increase in Christmas ticket sales from 2018 to 2019


Engagements from guerrilla social campaign to launch new Water Play

The Client

Odds Farm Park is a Children’s Farm Park in Buckinghamshire. They have been trading for over 25 years.

The Challenge

We have managed all social media channels for Odds Farm Park on a retainer basis for over 10 years and have consistently achieved above industry average engagement and reach. With changes in organic social media algorithms, our creative and strategy teams have had to work harder than ever before to achieve reach and engagement. Odds Farm came to us with the challenge of stepping up their social media again to maintain their best in class social media presence.

The Strategy

After establishing what Odds Farm Park were hoping to achieve, we agreed to set up a regular ‘Social Media Hub’ meeting. Heads of department from across the Odds Farm Park team are brought together alongside one of our project managers at Agility Marketing, for a session of collaborative brainstorming and sharing of ideas, news and developments from across the organisation.

A Social Media Calendar is produced as a result and is developed at each meeting, informing the video and photo content creation for social media platforms. This ensures that upcoming social media content draws upon the best opportunities that may arise from all areas of the Farm Park, whilst retaining the quirky, humorous and unique ethos of the brand and also keeping finger on the pulse. The Hub also provides an opportunity a continual review of social media performance, with the presentation of results.

A Social Media Dashboard is created to benchmark the performance of the Odds Farm Park social media channels in relation to other visitor attractions, allowing us to track industry results, to identify trends, best practices and inform our strategies.

The Results

  • 44.2% increase in Instagram followers (18 vs 19)
  • 35% increase in Instagram reach (18 vs 19)
  • XX% increase in Facebook Engagement (18 vs 19)
  • We worked with the Tulleys team to create and refresh the online creative weekly
  • We tailored messaging to specific online audiences
  • We continually monitored and improved results as the campaign progressed

“At Odds Farm Park we always strive to be best in class and this includes our marketing activity too! With Agility we have formed an excellent foundation and collaborative partnership.” 

Odds Farm Christmas session

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