Shocktober Black Friday Pre-Sale More than Doubles Year on Year Ticket Sales & Revenue

Tulleys Shocktober Fest – The world-famous Scream Park, UK’s number one Halloween Event and Europe’s largest scare fest. Agility Marketing look after the online ad strategy, paid for ads & pre-promotion in the build-up to the events throughout the year for Tulleys events.


Ticket increase

Shocktober fest

Early bird Pre-sale promotion campaigns for Shocktober Fest happen in November, February, March, April & May.

All pre-sales were up in 2021/2022 for the 2022 event. So, could Agility exceed expectation & beat the first phase of 2023 pre-sales – a Black Friday event? 

Agility worked hard to optimise all online leads and leveraged custom audiences to target all hot & warm leads as well as finding a solution to ensure those who have booked were not targeted again. For example, one of the key audiences targeted in this campaign, were customers who had booked tickets for the 2022 event but had not yet booked for 2023.

Prior to the Black Friday tickets going ‘live’ (on sale), we ran ‘teaser’ ads across Facebook and Instagram to generate awareness and interest in the offer, as well as engagement and web traffic. As the release date drew nearer, the tone of urgency and intensity of the ads gradually increased. 

Those who interacted with the ads (engaged or clicked) during the pre-sale campaign were added to an audience pool to be targeted with new ads again on the ticket release day. These ads announced that tickets were now available to purchase, with strong scarcity messaging to create a sense of urgency.


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increase in revenue


increase in reach


increase in traffic

“Agility provide key data and essential insights at every stage throughout our events to help inform and adapt strategy and critical decisions.”



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