Achieving impact and speed for Harbour Park’s new website.

Website speed and optimising websites for mobile correctly is an evolving beast. This is particularly essential for attractions who need video and images to sell tickets but also need quick load speeds.



kids at the Harbour Park

Harbour Park’s old website was almost 10 years old and mobile speed was an issue in the current ‘on the go’ world we live in. The old website was struggling with a homepage speed at 3.5 seconds, and other key pages reached up to 4.5 seconds.

We wanted to do more than just improve the speed. To futureproof the site for years to come we wanted to ensure the website customer journey was as dynamic as possible.

To identify how we could improve the customer journey we did heatmapping. Run over the busy summer season, we identified what web content people engaged with and how far they scrolled. Heatmapping harnessed us with the knowledge to understand what needed changing and which parts were really working.

Collaboration is a core value at Agility. In addition to the heat mapping, we ran an informative and interactive client workshop, sharing all our findings and agreeing core functionality and key content for customer journeys, as well as the site map. Harbour Park were also keen to use this exercise to update their brand and in the workshop; we presented various mood boards to gain further understanding of the creative direction.

Like our other clients, 80% of Harbour Park’s website visitors use a mobile device; creating a mobile first website was essential. At Agility we are huge believers in wireframes, that allow us to establish the key location of content and functionality prior to moving forward to design. In this project we created 3 different creative routes before progressing to build and on-page SEO.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and look forward to the site help boost Harbour Parks numbers in 2023 season and beyond.

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“The website is working exactly as planned with improvements in download speed, mobile viewing and accurately conveying our opening times at different locations of our site. This has all been achieved through the excellent account management we have received with the necessary touch points and meetings. Agility has exceeded our expectations throughout.”

Ash Smart, Harbour Park


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