25,000 Christmas tickets sold in 24 hours.

Piglets Adventure Farm in Yorkshire hold one of the most unique and enchanting Christmas events in the UK. We have worked closely with owners Sarah & Ed for several years and we are always super excited to see what events they come up with every holiday season.


tickets in 24 hours

christmas sleigh
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There is no doubt the ‘go live’ date for the Piglets Christmas event is highly anticipated every September.  Agility’s role is to heighten pre-launch ticket demand to create a buying frenzy. 

In 2022, we sold nearly 48% of tickets in the first 24 hours.  This year we really wanted to do better. We had fine-tuned a proven marketing launch for the ticket release and all the signs were positive for a successful ticket release when we suddenly heard the very sad news that ‘Her Majesty the Queen had died’.

The September Christmas ticket release date has been softly promoted over the Summer via a Facebook event, however, the real marketing drive started 7 days prior.  Gaining momentum in the week leading up to the Friday ticket release, we had a series of social posts, published a new video, an email shot to their 35,000-marketing list and a tiny ad spend reaching those who had clicked on the Summer’s ad.

Whilst we had created huge awareness for the Friday ticket launch, when we heard the sad news about the Queen we agreed as a mark of respect to delay the ticket launch by a week.  We were also aware that social media was going to be completely and justifiably awash with tributes for the late Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

Acting quickly that night, our team amended social posts, amended emails, and altered web pages. This was definitely the right decision as the post published announcing this news obtained 63,000 reach, six times the reach of their usual posts.

The following week, we implemented the final marketing push on social, email and a limited ad spend.

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“As our Magical Sleigh Ride event continues to grow in popularity year on year, Agility has given us the tools & direction to make it a success across our socials, email, website and advertising – we’re very pleased to be working with them!”

Sarah Sykes, Piglets Adventure Farm


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