Social Media for Visitor Attractions

Did you know the average person uses 6 communication platforms (rising to 9 if you are aged 18 to 25) Getting the best out of social media for your visitor attraction isn’t a luxury anymore.. it’s a must!

At Agility, we specialise in helping visitor attractions with all their marketing strategies, including organic social media and content creation. Whether you have an existing team who need a little extra support or wish to outsource your full social media, we can help.

Social media needs creativity but in order to know where you are going, you need to establish where you are. We will first review your social media reach and engagement, alongside our industry benchmarks and those of your key competitors. From insight, we can then put together a solid strategy and plan.

At Agility, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of driving results for visitor attractions. Our strategies have helped increase social media reach by an average of 20% and engagement by 15%.


You can ask us at Agility to develop the skills of your existing in-house team through interactive workshops and 1-on-1 mentoring or we can manage the full social media for you. 

Our social media experts are seasoned professionals who already undertake social media for visitor attractions.  Our teams can give you a fresh perspective, specialist expertise and a proven process.

Creative Photography for Harbour Park

Harbour Park wanted to promote family visits across their social media and online advertising to increase awareness and conversions but lacked enough compelling imagery to support their key messages.

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Jelly Swinger


Increase in CTR

Social Media Mentorship for Rays Farm

Rays Farm were managing their own social media, but knew they weren’t leveraging it as skillfully as they could.

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eng. increase

  • We have a solid track record of delivering social media results.
  • Our proven process avoids writers block and ensures engaging relevant posts.
  • Your image and video assets can be turned into compelling creative.
  • We know what good and excellent looks like; providing a benchmark to achieve.
  • Fully contactable, we work in partnership with you.

“With the same budget as the previous year, Agility have really taken our online advertising to the next level. In fact, appointing Agility was the best decision we made for the business this year.”

Chris Bailey, Tulleys Farm

At Agility, we have a number of options.  If you need to get all your team’s skills refreshed, we’d suggest our interactive social media workshops or if you need to improve the skill sets of a team member, we find out 1 on 1 mentoring is best.  Alternatively, we can even manage the full social media for you.

The workshops are interactive and usually held at your attraction.  We bring everyone together involved in social media to collectively devise the strategy, review your current results and refresh everyone’s social media skills.   The aim is that at the end of the 3-hour session, we have a clear plan of action with measurable objectives, alongside a 4 week content calendar your team can implement.

No, we find this is best kept at the attraction.  We can help devising the strategy on how best to manage this at your attraction.

Implementing social media for other visitor attractions, enabling us to share learnings, insight and trends.  Totally outsourcing your social media to Agility ensures you benefit from this knowledge, whilst at the same time having more time to manage the day to day running of your visitor attraction or marketing.   The extra benefit is that our wider team will ensure you always have social media cover irrelevant of holidays or sickness.