Creative Photography for Harbour Park

Creative Photography for Harbour Park


Increase in Facebook paid advertising click through rate

Defined and communicated creative direction

Recruited photographer and models

The Client

Harbour Park is a family amusement park next to the Sandy beaches of Littlehampton, West Sussex.

The park offers young children lots of seasonal activities including outdoor rides and an indoor arcade. Plus, it is a great place for families to enjoy delicious seaside favourites including fish and chips or a scoop of refreshing ice-cream by the sea.

The Challenge

Harbour Park are predominantly a seasonal attraction for young families looking to create fantastic lifetime memories. They wanted to promote family visits across their social media and online advertising to increase awareness and conversions, but lacked enough compelling imagery to support their key messages.

The Strategy

To create a bank of strong imagery to use across all digital platforms, we defined the creative direction and undertook a photo shoot on location at Harbour Park.

After a kick of session with the client, we created a strong brief. The document contained visual and written elements to showcase the creative direction of the shoot in addition to details on final output and specification. For Harbour park we needed JPEGs in both portrait and landscape variants to enable us to use the photographs to their full potential on their website, social media and online adverts.

At Agility, we have tried and tested photographers and videographers who we trust and work with on a regular basis, all with different strengths and specialisms. As Harbour Park is a visitor attraction for families, we engaged a photographer who had previous experience of working with young children, ensuring they were able to able to engage and interact well with a younger audience.

We liaised with the photographer and client to create a detailed timing plan for the day, including shoot list, and noted any critical issues that could effect the day and how we would overcome them- such as rain.

Finally, we recruited models for the photoshoot through a theatre school local to Harbour Park, and offered a free return pass as a thank you.

On the day of the shoot, we kept to a strict time schedule and made sure to monitor our models throughout to keep energy high and parents/guardians happy. This ultimately led to stronger imagery, as our models were happy and showcasing their smiles!

Upon delivery of the final photo library from the photographer, we reviewed the shots, choosing several hero images to take prominence on the website and in the adverts.

The Results

  • Increased Facebook advert CTR by 71% using the new photography
  • Defined and effectively communicated the creative direction
  • Reviewed and engaged a photographer
  • Shortlisted and recruited 6 families as models
  • Directed and managed the shoot on the day
  • Reviewed the final output and selected a bank of hero images.
Harbour Park Rides
Cafe at Harbour Park
Family Rides at Harbour Park

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