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Visitor Attraction Digital Marketing Review

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Visitor Attraction Digital Marketing Review
For Smarter Marketing

What will 2021 be like? We are hopeful for a brighter year, but nobody can predict the future.

With so many uncertainties it is very hard to make clear decisions. Two things are guaranteed; your marketing budget is going to have to work harder than ever done before, and your digital marketing needs to be powering on all cylinders.

With 100% of people booking online, digital advertising should deliver improved ROI. 

We’ve put together three Digital Marketing Review packages to help you take stock, and plan for the best possible 2021. Digital marketing is guaranteed to lead the way for 2021 – a little investment can go a long way.

If you are interested in a review package or would like to find out more, please email mark@agility-marketing.co.uk.

The Packages At a Glance

Delving Deeper

Tier 1: Standard Digital Marketing Review

From £750

Zoom Feedback Session
A 45 minute Zoom feedback session and a copy of the result presentation.

Digital Advertising Review: 
We’ll benchmark your digital advertising results against others, review online advertising performance and discover opportunities that are working at other attractions.

1x Geographical Postcode Map
In order to know where to grow, you need to identify your existing catchment area. Postcode mapping can be used to identify existing drive time and highlight where your online marketing budget should be weighted geographically for 2021.  

Tier 2: Fast Pass Digital Marketing Review

From £990

You obtain all the elements included in Tier 1 plus:

Social Media Review:
We’ll benchmark how well your August to October social media has performed for engagement and reach compared to other attractions, using essential KPIs to evaluate if your social media needs improving for 2021.

1 Extra Geographical Postcode Map:
To compare and contrast two different periods and identify trends and areas for growth.

Digital Advertising Tracking Review:
With 100% of people booking online, digital advertising should deliver improved ROI.  We will identify what tracking you are using and recommend any quick wins.

Tier 3: VIP Digital Marketing Review

Reduced to £1800 (save £400)

You obtain all the elements included in Tier 2 plus:

Longer Zoom Feedback Session:  
A 2 hour initial Zoom feedback session and a 30-minute follow up session plus a copy of the report.

Digital Visibility Report:
How visible is your brand online?  We will track your online visibility using Google Trends and Google Maps, and provide feedback to you in a concise easy to digest format.

Review Rankings Assessment:
Benchmarked against your competitors, we will review your scores on Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor against your industry peers, which is a great assessment tool.

SEO Health Check:
Many companies haven’t done any SEO in 2020, which can lead to many opportunities. Using paid for tool ‘SEM Rush’ we will identify how well you rank against keywords on Google.  You may find that for very little effort you can improve your rankings for ‘local day out’ key phrases.

Website Health Check:
Find out how well your website is really performing. Let us evaluate your website against mobile friendliness, conversion rates and speed tests. We will provide a quick win list of actions, alongside medium term ‘should do’ improvements.

Wider Marketing Support for Visitor Attractions

Agility Marketing provide smarter marketing for visitor attractions. We can support your marketing function in a number of ways, whether that is managing your digital advertising, your social media, re-building your website or providing a plan on how to navigate COVID-19 marketing.

With some marketing teams working on skeleton staff, Agility can adapt to fill a temporary resource gap.  As a Visitor Attraction specialist marketing agency, we are able to get up to speed quickly and add extra value by sharing what is working for our other clients.

We are used to getting results.  Have a look at our marketing case studies to demonstrate the value we bring.

If you are interested in a review package please contact mark@agility-marketing.co.uk to discuss the right package for you.
Want to know how Agility can help build your website? Visit our website services page, complete our contact form, email hello@agility-marketing.co.uk or call on 01442 890088.


With the same budget as the previous year, Agility have really taken our Digital Advertising to the next level. In fact, appointing Agility was the best decision we made for the business in 2019.

Chris Baily | Tulleys Farm

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