Visitor Attraction Digital Marketing Review

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Visitor Attraction Digital Marketing Review
For Smarter Marketing

With 100% of people booking online in 2020, digital marketing data has never been so plentiful for the visitor attraction industry.

But how good is good? And what does excellent look like? As visitor attraction marketing specialists at Agility Marketing, we can share key digital marketing KPI’s.

Our marketing reviews go beyond KPI’s though and we will explore areas you never knew you needed improving.  Digging deeper, we can establish if you have the best ad tracking to measure online conversions,  how well you rank on SEO and is your website missing key opportunities.

Helping you get better marketing results

A little investment can go a long way. We’ve put together three Digital Marketing Review packages to help you take stock and get more from your marketing in 2021.

They can include any of the components below and we will happily send you a price list. Simply contact

Postcode Mapping

  • Where did your customers in 2020 come from?
  • How does this compare with 2019?
  • Where should you target to grow your catchment?

Social Media Evaluation

  • Is your social media working as well as it could?
  • How does your social media compare against other attractions?

Digital Advertising Audit

  • How well has your online advertising performed across the year?
  • What quick wins could unlock better results from your online ad spend?
  • Do you have the best tracking in place to measure online ROI?
  • How can you push people through the hopper to a conversion?

Website Performance & SEO

  • Do you have some critical issues that will impact on your SEO?
  • What keywords are you ranking for?
  • How many people leave your website due to poor load speed?
  • What quick wins can you do to increase conversions?

Social Proof Score Review

  • Do you know how well you review scores compare against other similar attractions?
  • Benchmark your success against Google and Trip Advisor.

Getting You Results

We need 3 weeks to undertake the review and will present back to you in a Zoom meeting. For a price list covering our three Digital Marketing Review packages, please contact


With the same budget as the previous year, Agility have really taken our Digital Advertising to the next level. In fact, appointing Agility was the best decision we made for the business in 2019.

Chris Baily | Tulleys Farm