What’s new on Instagram for Visitor Attractions

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Key Points

The key takeaways from this blog post are:

  • New features have been released that you as a visitor attraction client can be implementing
  • The importance of showing realism across content
  • The uncertainty of Instagram’s future focus


In a bid to maintain their ground against TikTok, Instagram have been busy! Constantly performing updates and creating new features to grab users’ attention, the social platform is forever changing and developing to stay relevant and relatable. This Agility blog will help you keep on top of current trends. One of the biggest takeaways is the last, so keep reading to the end!

Introducing Instagram Notes

Instagram are rolling out a new direct messaging feature that allows users to leave a note to any follower who follows them back. The ‘note’ appears at the top of users inboxes for 24 hours, and has a 60 character limit (including emojis). Followers have the ability to reply directly to any notes you leave in their inbox, and their replies come through to you via Direct Message. This feature is currently accessible in the US and has rolled out for other markets including the UK.

We believe this new feature can be a hugely beneficial tool for the visitor attraction industry. Do you have a special event coming up that you wish to announce?  With Instagram Notes, you’ll be able to broadcast the message out there to those already actively viewing your posts (a hot audience likely to buy!). Compatible with business accounts, notes can be used for special announcements and upcoming events, in particular promoting deadlines of offers and last chance for bookings for that final push to conversion. As this feature requires a follow back to view, it is important to keep this in mind when posting – so start following your followers to maximise message reach!

The new Notes tool also gives you as a brand the opportunity to start a conversation, as responses go directly to your direct messaging inbox, giving you the opportunity to reply and answer any queries. It acts as personal authentic communication, with the message coming directly from your theme park, zoo, or farm attraction to the consumer.


Instagram Scheduling

Instagram have finally answered our prayers and have rolled out Instagram Scheduling! All updated accounts can now create drafts and schedule their posts using the Instagram App. Previously you could create a draft but had to go into the app to post them. You can set up feed posts, image carousels and reels 75 days in advance, with Story scheduling expected to be supported soon.   

How to schedule a post in-app:

To schedule, tap Advanced Settings, then toggle on Schedule This Post. Set a date and time, then tap Schedule. You can manage and reschedule your posts under Scheduled Content.

This feature is Instagram’s first native scheduling tool, making everything accessible within the app with no need for third-party social media management platforms. Making it easier to use and control, this feature also allows businesses to plan their social content ahead efficiently, especially useful during busy periods such as school holidays, and in the lead up to events.

Candid Stories

Following the current marketing trends of consumers seeking real and authentic content, Instagram are due to roll out a new feature with in-the-moment sharing as its focus, known as Candid Stories.

With a similar concept to the new social platform on the market ‘Be Real’, Instagram’s Candid Stories will be a way of sharing a photo daily to your followers with little planning, as the notification to take your image aims to capture natural and spontaneous moments, or from a visitor attractions perspective, exclusive content as a brand. Your Candid Story will appear at the top of the feed next to regular stories, and will only be visible to those who share their own.

This new feature is currently in the testing stages which could be extremely beneficial for visitor attraction clients if used correctly, as it can be used to form a sense of personality related to your brand. If you time it right, you could tease something in-the-moment, such as sneak peaks of an upcoming event, or big staff news story.

The video vs. photo content Instagram debate

The battle of whether Instagram is going to focus on image or video content moving forward is still ongoing, with conflicting statements being made by Instagram over the past year.

The push for video content was extremely evident across platforms prior to 2023, allowing us in Visitor Attraction to maximise our reach with reels, however, there is now speculation that Instagram’s focus will return to being a photo-sharing platform.  To maintain a foot in both camps, we’d suggest that your Instagram content uses both video and photo content to keep performance steady while times are uncertain.

Keeping up to date with the latest developments and features will assist in improving your follower’s engagement rates and user experience.  We hope you’ve found this blog useful for your visitor attraction brand.

This blog was written by Drew Batten, Marketing Co-ordinatorAccount Manager at Agility Marketing, a boutique marketing agency specialising in Digital Marketing for Visitor Attractions.