Improve Review Ratings

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Looking to improve reviews at your attraction?

Find out how to improve review ratings for your theme park, zoo or farm.  Love them or hate them, customers love reviews and trust what they read about your visitor attraction, whether it’s accurate or not.

Even with the best staff training in the world, you know you won’t get it right all the time.    If you don’t actively encourage reviews, only those with a negative experience will be motivated to leave one.

With our visitor attraction clients, we have put in place the below simple initiatives to encourage more positive feedback. Proven to work, they have seen clients ratings improve by up to 25%.

Via your website

This works extremely well. By adding a simple widget to your website asking customers if they enjoyed their last visit, you can channel their answers. If they click the yes button, it goes to an internal page on your website asking them to leave a review (you could even embed the Trip Advisor review widget into this page). If they click on the no button, it goes to an Email Form which is sent directly into your administration office.

Via review cards

Learning from the hotel sector, review cards act as a great way of stimulating reviews. Simply ask your team to give them out to anyone that thanks them for an amazing day out.   Some attractions leave a blank space on the  card for your staff to add their name. A member of staff getting mentioned in a review is a great motivator.

Ask party or group organisers post visit

Customers who have had a party at your theme park, zoo and farm park, or organised a group visit can be the best source. After their visit, why not send out an email to the party/group organisers and actively ask them to leave a review. In the email it’s best to include direct links to your facebook, trip advisor or google pages.   The easier you make it for customers, the higher the take up.

Email online bookers after their visit.

Similar to above, most online ticketing systems enable an automatic email to be sent the day after the ticket has been redeemed.   This is a great way to obtain feedback and ask for reviews.

Use Trip Advisor’s Express Email System.

Proven to improve review ratings, upload your email addresses into Trip Advisor who will contact the person on your behalf and ask for a review.   You need to ask your customers’s permission to do this.

Every quarter, we also calculate the average review ratings across Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google for the major Zoo’s, Theme Parks and Farm Parks in the UK.   After Easter 2018, we’ll be publishing the most recent update on our website.  Why not subscribe to our email feed to ensure you never miss out.

Written by Anita Waddell, Managing Director of Agility Marketing