Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Online Advertising for the visitor attraction industry is a key strength at Agility Marketing. Implementing over 250 campaigns every year enables us to test initiatives quickly and react immediately to ensure every campaign is a success.

In the last 12 months, we’ve worked with Zoo’s, Theme Parks, Farm Parks, Family Entertainment Centres and Scream Parks.

With cost per clicks as low as 10p per website visit, we use a mix of different advertising across Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as working directly with key sites for our industry.

Whether we are increasing your website traffic, boosting audience engagement or both, we implement proven leisure industry formulas.

Our USPs in this section

  • We are a trusted Google Partner.
  • We have won digital marketing awards.
  • We implement over 250 Facebook, Instagram and Google online advertising campaigns annually.
  • We benchmark your results against other visitor attractions.

  • We drive website traffic from as low as 10p per click.
  • We obtain 30-second video views from just 3p per view.
  • We measure online conversions.


How we do it?

With every new client, our first task is to reality check what you want to achieve and the photography/video assets you currently have to use. Usually, we include a mix of website traffic generating activity, as well as awareness/social engagement, however, this will be agreed with you.

All campaigns are developed in conjunction with a Project Manager and our Online Manager, whilst a Director will oversee the overall strategy. At the end of each campaign, you also obtain an insightful report, with your performance benchmarked against industry averages.

“Agility have delivered results again and again. Would recommend without hesitation”
Richard Waring, Rand Farm Park.

Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning

We have proven leisure marketing strategies that focus your budget where and when you will achieve the biggest returns.

As a Marketing Agency, we have launched many new attractions, as well as delivered consistent returns for established leisure businesses. Many of our clients have also been with us for over 7 years; a fact we are very proud of.

At Agility we can either plan or evaluate a one-off campaign, reality check your annual marketing plan or develop a marketing plan from scratch.

Planning for Success - expertise

Our USPs in this section

  • We have developed a marketing model with a proven track record.
  • We work purely in the visitor attraction sector.
  • We track client’s results against industry benchmarks.

  • We continually seek out new techniques.
  • Across the business, we have strong expertise online and offline.
  • We can tell you how much you should be spending on marketing.


How we do it?

We use a Marketing Model for all our attractions, that has been built using our knowledge of the sector. It has been proven to work again, again and again.

Prior to developing your plan, we will evaluate your available google analytics, social media metrics, postcode research and of course get to know your growth aspirations.

“We have now worked with Agility for over 11 years but numbers still grow. 2017 was our busiest year.”
Matt Heast, Mead Open Farm

Full Marketing Outsourcing

Full Marketing Outsourcing

Want to ensure your marketing team understands the visitor attraction industry? Want to guarantee that absences on holidays or sickness do not stop marketing activity? Want to know your marketing strategies are best in class?

Half of our clients come to Agility to outsource their total marketing operation. It is like having your very own experienced in-house marketing team, but rather than in the office next door, we are at the end of a phone.

You don’t lose control and in exchange, simply get a team of people who are passionate about the visitor attraction sector.

Full Marketing - Expertise

Outsourcing has some key benefits

Getting the Job Done:

  • You’ll obtain input from a wide range of marketing professionals acting as either your Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Online Manager/Techi and Marketing Assistants. Why are one or two people working internally with fixed skill sets when you can have a mix of different levels and disciplines?
  • We don’t get distracted. We have a service level agreement to implement the strategy and we do just that!
  • You obtain help 52 weeks a year. Absences on holiday or sickness are covered.
  • You haven’t got to manage more people. We do that for you.

And often doing it better

  • Our team understands the industry and we invest in them at our cost. They continually improve their knowledge to benefit you.
  • You don’t lose control. We agree what you want to approve and when.
  • We monitor all our client’s results and spur on the teams by sharing the top results.
  • We will evolve your strategy as lessons are learned. Working across 20 different attractions enables us to continually evaluate.


How we do it?

As a Marketing Department client, you’ll have a Board Director overseeing strategy and a Project Manager managing your account day to day. The Project Manager will have the support of a Marketing Assistant and Online Marketing Manager to ensure your account runs smoothly.

Having a team working across our accounts ensures everyone works at the right level and also ensures cover for absences on holiday.

Every Marketing Department client follows the same internal processes. Each has a Marketing Plan and a schematic showing the tasks week by week. We measure social media results weekly, website performance monthly and online advertising as the campaign is underway.

We don’t forget, however, you are the client. At the start of our relationship, we will agree the approval process. Some clients want a lot of involvement, whilst others are happy for us to get on with it after initial go ahead.

Most communication is undertaken by phone, video call or email. We meet with our Marketing Department clients between 8 and 12 times per year.

Every new client will also have a 100 Day Feedback Meeting, that allows us to fine-tune how we work together. Essentially, Agility are very flexible and willing to adapt processes if it makes it easier for the client.

“It’s great to know Agility are working diligently on our marketing. They have our complete trust. “
Ed Sykes, Piglets

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Our research has revealed Facebook is still the most popular network amongst mums with children, followed by Instagram.

Within Agility, we post both organically on Facebook for over 20 clients every year and track weekly what is getting engagement and how we can continually ensure our clients excel at engagement.

The social media training is undertaken in a workshop format. We work with your team responsible for your social media, sharing with them your current results and how you can get more engagement.

Facebook workshops - expertise

Our USPs in this section

  • We know how attractions can easily create regular content without too much pressure on their operational teams.
  • We monitor the type of posts that get the most reach and engagement.
  • You obtain what is working right now. The workshop is updated the week before the training.

  • We track all our client’s results and can identify if your results are excellent, good or below average.
  • We can share the key elements of the social media algorithm.
  • You’ll discover how frequently you should post at different times of the year.


How we do it?

The Social Media Training evaluates how you are currently doing and what you can do to improve.

We look at how frequently you are posting on Facebook, the content in your posts, the type of post and the reach/engagement they are obtaining. We also audit how many people check in and what you do to encourage this or grow your follower base.

The Workshops fee covers us evaluating your results ahead of the training session, a one day workshop and telephone support after the event.

“Very useful workshop and productive. “
Paradise Wildlife Park

Social Media

Social Media

Visitor attractions are made for social media. With most consumers visiting social networks to be entertained, Zoo’s, Theme Parks and Farm Parks have the ultimate subject matter.

Social media has radically changed the way visitor attractions interact with customers and vice versa. Today, it should be a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. Whilst the social media algorithms are making it harder, there are still opportunities to take advantage of.

Working on 20 attractions annually, we know the optimal way to reach and engage your audience.

social media for visitor attractions

The Howl Scream Park

We nearly doubled the 2017 ticket sales and to kickstart the 2018 season, implemented a March slash sale for 250 advanced tickets.

Comprising of an intensive 2-week campaign, we sold out within 52 hours and achieved a return on investment of 700%.

Odds Farm Park’s 25th Birthday

For Odds Farm’s 25th birthday, we created an uplifting social campaign containing historical facts, old photos, fun competitions and user generated content.

The results were amazing, achieving an average engagement of 1233 per post.

How we do it?

With every new client, our first task is to assess where you currently are and what you would like to achieve.

For every campaign, we agree on key messages and brainstorm creative content internally. Some clients want to approve all posts whilst others are happy to leave to us. All campaigns are developed in conjunction with a Project Manager, Marketing Assistant and Online Manager, whilst a Director will oversee the overall strategy.

At the end of each campaign, you also obtain an insightful report, with your performance benchmarked against industry averages.

“Agility have delivered results again and again. Would recommend without hesitation”
Richard Waring, Rand Farm Park.

Website Development

Website Development

Many people don’t know but Agility also builds websites. And those that we have built, benefit from our strategic leisure insight.

Having studied heat mapping and customer journeys, we understand what customers want from visitor attraction websites, what navigation and layouts work best and the core functionality to better engage and convert website visitors

Websites that convert: What should be in your navigation? How are people moving around your site? How and where can you push online tickets? Solely working in the visitor attraction sector enables us to have a deeper level of understanding.

Fast load speeds: From your analytics, you know that 60-70% will access your website on a mobile. Whilst a beautiful design is very important, we also need to focus on first-class development and the correct hosting partner for quick load speeds. Google has openly come out and said that they will downgrade sites in search if they can’t load within 3 seconds.

Responsive design: A single website (with one Content Management System) needs to work just as well on a mobile than it does on a tablet or desktop. Design and function need to work hand in hand. Before we start designing, we will create a brief and mobile/desktop wireframes to brainstorm everything we need. Once this is agreed, we can start creating impactful designs.

Online discounting: Ask us to get involved in your online discounting strategy. We can estimate the number of online ticket sales you will have dependant on the pricing policy.

Get in touch – we can evaluate your current website and explain what we do in more detail.

website for visitor attractions

Our USPs in this section

  • We solely work in the visitor attraction sector.
  • We continually review and test page layouts.
  • We understand customer journeys for attractions.
  • We know how to maximise online sales.

  • We produce responsive websites.
  • We build sites with quick load times.
  • We balance beautiful design with functionality.

How we do it?

We follow a 5 stage process that gets us results:

Stage one is understanding your business and discussing what you want from your website.

Stage two is developing a brief, wireframes and mood boards. Stage two will outline the vital components before we start the designing process. We can also advise upon hosting if required.

Stage three is design. We usually create two or three routes initially before we develop designs for all the agreed templates. During this stage, we shall start the copywriting and photography selection.

Stage four is build. The approval process is agreed at the briefing stage. During stage four, we ensure each page has SEO Yeast and maximise on-page SEO.

Stage five is testing and getting live. Once live, if the URLs have changed, we will set up 301 redirects.

At Agility, you will be allocated a team to build your website containing a Board Director, our Online Manager and a Project Manager.

“Agility have delivered results again and again. Would recommend without hesitation”
Richard Waring, Rand Farm Park.

Putting the Spring into Spring Barn Farm

Spring Barn Farm is a farm park near Brighton. Having appointed Agility, they wanted their website to spearhead a new creative direction. We knew the website had to be responsive, include modern functionality but at the same time retain the farm rustic feel.

We were delighted with the results. Website visits, online sales and footfall through the door have all increased since it was launched. Have a look at


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