Top 3 Digital Marketing Audience Targeting Strategies Visitor Attractions

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The COVID 19 pandemic has increased the speed at which the world is going digital.

Whilst the easing of lockdown makes it tempting to slip back into old habits of pre-covid above the line marketing, it’s now more important than ever that your visitor attraction uses online advertising intelligently- and strategically.

At Agility Marketing our proven digital marketing strategy maximises ROI for Zoos, Adventure parks, Theme Parks and Farm Attractions throughout the year.

Read on for our top 3 audience targeting strategies for maximum awareness and conversions this Summer and beyond.

Why Online Advertising?

In an increasingly digital world, online advertising has never been more important.

Not only can you reach wider audiences more cost effectively than traditional print marketing, but online advertising gives you increased control over who sees your advert, and when.

Even on a small budget you can carefully target your key demographic including location, behaviours, and interests of potential customers to maximise the impact of your campaign.

Facebook and Instagram should be your ‘go to’ when considering online advertising as they have the biggest targeting  potential.

They enable you to build custom audiences, whilst also providing measurable results and actionable insights.

Don’t forget, they also offer the flexibility to alter your advertising at any time, which is crucial in a pre-covid world. Click here to find out more about flexible marketing

Here are our top three digital marketing audience targeting strategies:

Strategy One: Hot audiences

Your visitor attraction should be tracking and targeting users who reach the shopping cart but don’t proceed to a sale, and those who have visited your website in the last 7 days but have not added items to their cart.

We call these people a ‘hot audience’. They either started the online ticketing process or have shown high intent to purchase, and need a gentle reminder to return and complete their purchase. They are highly likely to convert for very low cost.

Creating specific adverts and copy for these audiences that are warm, friendly and utilise testimonials, helps to gain trust and guide the users through the final step to conversion.  

Strategy Two: Warm Audiences

You should be tracking and targeting all those who engage with your social media, have shown an interest in a previous event or have visited your website in the last 6 months. We call these users ‘warm audiences’.

Target these people, if you still need ticket sales after strategy one by highlighting value in your copy and advert creative.

If you adverts to this audience are successful they will move through your conversion funnel and become part of the audience discussed in strategy one.

Strategy Three: Cold audiences

Your third port of call, is reaching out to brand new users. We call these people ‘cold audiences’

This audience is harder to convert as they may not have heard about you and need the most reassurance.

It’s important to consistently target cold audiences to fill up your conversion funnel, moving them from cold to warm and eventually a hot audience.

Your advert to cold audiences need to focus on introducing them to your brand by including the location of your visitor attraction, as well as the dates of your event and the main activities available.

Why Online Advertising?

Combining the three strategies above effectively will result in a successful digital marketing campaign for your visitor attraction.

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This blog was written by Anita Waddell, MD of Agility Marketing, a boutique marketing agency specialising in Digital Marketing for Visitor Attractions.