How to boost the social presence of your visitor attraction

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5 brand new tools and features

With a new year comes new challenges, new ideas…and new features!

Facebook and Instagram have recently introduced a host of new features designed to help businesses grow organically online, but which should you try first?

We’ve done the hard work for you. Read on to discover our top pick of new social media tools most likely to help boost the social presence of your visitor attraction, and how to use them.

Creator Studio’s Inspiration Hub

What is the feature?

Facebook’s Creator Studio has introduced a new feature called the Inspiration Hub. This feature allows you to discover what trending hashtags and popular posts are of relevance to your Facebook page.

How to use:

You can add trending hashtags to your posts, and also use their filter tool. This tool allows you to do an in-depth search on content type, region, and language to see what is currently attracting the most attention.

How will it benefit your visitor attraction?

The Inspiration Hub helps you understand what people in your target market are engaging with, therefore contributing massively to your Facebook marketing approach decisions!

Facebook creator studio

Instagram returning to chronological order

What is the feature?

Instagram’s chronological order is back! This much-anticipated news is great news for those yearning for the early days of the Instagram Newsfeed.

How to use:

Instagram is currently experimenting with various versions, so how this will work is currently not fully available, but we understand users will be able to choose to switch their feed back to chronological, via a toggle.

How will it benefit your visitor attraction?

This feature will make your posts available to be seen by everyone, regardless of the Instagram algorithms put in place, allowing users to have ‘meaningful control over their experience’, but it may mean you have to post more regularly, to remain on top.

Instagram icon

Reels for Facebook

What is the feature?

Similar to Instagram, Reel videos are now a feature of Facebook.

How to use:

This new feature has the same format as Instagram, allowing you to post short form video reels to your profile. Users can then react with these reels, by commenting and sharing to spread the reel across the platform.

How will it benefit your visitor attraction?

This feature allows you to further your reach by cross posting your Instagram reels onto your Facebook audience. Facebook reels are also set to ‘public’ by default, giving them the potential to reach a wider audience through appearing in the discovery of feeds.

Instagram reels

Swipe Up Stickers on Instagram

What is the feature?

Instagram have recently expanded the ability to share links with followers to all accounts, which you previously needed 10k followers to do. Instagram have introduced this feature to ensure engagement and reach is fully supported – extremely important for smaller businesses.

How to use:

This feature is as easy to use as it is effective. Simply add the link sticker to your stories with the URL attached to link straight through to your chosen web page.

How will it benefit your visitor attraction?

As it allows for promotion of your sites through a tappable link, it will increase engagement with your followers due to ease of navigation and directing viewers straight through to make a purchase or find out more about the attraction being advertised.

Instagram sticker

Scheduling Instagram lives with Stickers

What is the feature?

Instagram live scheduling is here. This new feature allows you to schedule your Instagram Live’s up to 90 days in advance; allowing you to create excitement and get your broadcast penciled into your followers’ diaries.

How to use:

By swiping to the ‘schedule’ side panel on the ‘Live’ tab, users can schedule the starting time of their live video.

An additional feature Instagram have added to further promote your ‘Lives’ is a ‘scheduled’ sticker, allowing you to add a countdown promotion to your story!

How will it benefit your visitor attraction?

By reminding your followers that the event is around the corner, your visitor attraction can create a buzz in the build up by using promotional tools to gain a larger viewing.

Instagram scheduling

This article was written by Drew Batten, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Agility.

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