Unlocking Visitor Engagement: The Power of Flexible Ad Formats

Flexible Ad Formats

The visitor attraction industry is constantly evolving, with professionals seeking innovative ways to captivate audiences and drive footfall. One such strategy Agility are using to huge success is the use of flexible ad formats in digital marketing campaigns.

What is a Flexible Format

The Flexible Formats Ad Type is a feature developed by Meta, which was introduced in Q4 2023 for selected users to test. At Agility, we were lucky to be one of the first Agencies to access the test.

It was designed to help with ads creative optimisation. Simply put, it will display the most relevant ad format to the user, depending on what they usually respond to. It’s a revolutionary way to create dynamic and engaging ads that adapts seamlessly to different individuals. Unlike traditional static ads, flexible formats allow for personalised content delivery.

What have our first tests reveal?

Since the flexible ad format rollout, we’ve tested this feature with some of our clients and we’ve witnessed remarkable results.

For our first test on Facebook in Q3 2023, one of our clients saw huge results, across Facebook & Instagram combined we saw:

  • Decreased CPC from 28p to 11p
  • Increased CTR from 1.46% to 2.36%
  • Increased Engagement Rate from 2.79% to 3.27%

While Meta hasn’t rolled it out to everyone yet, our preliminary data on Meta platforms suggests that these flexible formats are yielding better engagement and conversion rates compared to traditional formats.

Currently, we are testing again for easter and look forward to sharing the results later this year.

What sizes do you need to upload for Flexible Formats?

The more options you give Meta, the better the campaign will work.

We’d recommend uploading images in 1:1 & 4:5 along with videos in sizes 1:1, 4:5 & 9:16

Top Tip: Your Dynamic Creative and Flexible Format options are not designed to work together. Turn off Dynamic Creative at the ad set level before setting up a traffic campaign objective.

Benefits of Flexible Format

The adoption of flexible formats presents numerous benefits for the visitor attraction industry, whether you are a zoo, theme park, heritage attraction or scream park.

  • These formats enable enhanced targeting, allowing you to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can deliver personalised ads that resonate with individual preferences and interests, thereby maximising engagement and conversions.
  • Flexible Formats facilitate immersive storytelling, enabling attractions to showcase their unique offerings in a visually compelling manner. Whether it’s highlighting new attractions, promoting special events, or showcasing visitor experiences, dynamic ads provide a platform for creativity and innovation, capturing the attention of potential visitors and driving excitement.
  • Like other Meta formats, we can measure success and benchmark against previous results. Key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of flexible ad formats are click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS), and engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments.

By analysing these metrics, you can gain insights into campaign performance and make data-driven decisions to optimise future campaigns for better results.

Looking to Run an Ad Campaign for Your Attraction?

Having executed more than 10,000 successful ad campaigns, Agility possesses a profound understanding of crafting captivating content that captures the attention of your desired audience.

Our expertise, however, extends beyond mere content creation. Our established funnel strategy drives higher conversation rates for your attraction. Contact us for more information or email us at hello@agility-marketing.co.uk

Written by Esther Felix-Awosope, Marketing Manager of Agility Marketing | Posted 25/03/2024