New Event Reminders comes to Instagram

Agility Steps On How To Set A Reminder

Social media is always changing and evolving.  For all visitor attractions, Instagram is still a prime channel to connect with your potential customers, build brand awareness, and stimulate interest.

In this blog, we’ll be covering a brand new feature on Instagram – event reminders.  This is a huge boost for visitor attractions (whether you are a zoo, theme park, adventure park or children’s farm). A great marketing tool to help you better market your business.

Event Reminders on Instagram

If you use Facebook Events, you’ll be used to this functionality.

Instagram have just launched an exciting event feature to remind your followers of your attraction’s upcoming events. Anyone who sees the post, can tap on the bell icon to receive an event reminder when it goes live. They can also share the reminder to their followers.

This feature promises to be huge for visitor attractions, offering a unique opportunity to drive footfall. In beta testing, some event posts can also be boosted and we look forward to this advertising being fully rolled towards the end of 2023.  Make sure you follow our LinkedIn Page to get this alert!

3 steps to create your Event Reminder on Instagram

  1. Create a new Instagram Feed post and click ‘Add Reminder.’
  2. Add your Event Name and select your Start Time. You can also include an optional End Time.
  3. Select Start Date & Time (you can also include an optional End Time) and Tap Share.

You must create the post at least 1 hour, and at most 3 months, before the event.

Written by Beth Kirby, Marketing Co-ordinator