Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

We build stunning websites guaranteed to get you results.

Whether that’s increasing online ticket sales, increased online enquiries, brand awareness or footfall on site. We’ll take your goal and build a website to achieve it using our strategic sector insight developed over 20 years.

We study heat mapping, analytics and customer journeys, and know what your customers want and need from your website. We can tell you how to lay out your website, what navigation works best and how to plan the core functionality to better engage and convert website visitors.

Websites that convert: What should be in your navigation? How are people moving around your site? How and where can you push online tickets or e-book downloads? Solely working in the visitor attraction and day nursery sectors enables us to have a deeper level of understanding.

Fast load speeds: From your analytics, you know that 60-70% will access your website on a mobile. Whilst a beautiful design is very important, we also need to focus on first-class development and the correct hosting partner for quick load speeds. Google will downgrade sites in search if they can’t load within 3 seconds.

Responsive design: A single website (with one Content Management System) needs to work just as well on a mobile than it does on a tablet or desktop. Design and function need to work hand in hand. Before we start designing, we will create a brief and mobile/desktop wire frames to brainstorm everything we need. Once this is agreed, we can start creating impactful designs.

Online discounting: Ask us to get involved in your online discounting strategy. We can estimate the number of online ticket sales you will have dependent on the pricing policy.

5 Steps to Success

  1. We solely work in the Visitor Attraction & Day Nursery sectors.
  2. We ‘re experts in customer journeys for your sector
  3. We balance beautiful design with functionality to create a seamless user experience
  4. We know how to maximize your online sales.
  5. We build Google friendly sites with quick load times.

Our Website Build Process

We follow a tried and tested website build process to get you results:

We understand your business and will discuss your goals and how best to achieve them.

We develop a brief, wire frames and mood boards.

We develop designs, write copy and source imagery and video.

During the build, we ensure each page has SEO Yeast and maximize on-page SEO.

We test across key devices and browsers before your site goes live. If the URLs have changed, we will set up 301 redirects.

At Agility, you will be allocated a team to build your website containing a Board Director, our Online Manager and a Project Manager.


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