Digital Advertising for Mead Open Farm

Digital Advertising for Mead Open Farm


Conversion rate on Facebook & Instagram


Engagement rate on Facebook & Instagram


Increase in web traffic compared to 2019

The Client

A successful Farm Park in Bedfordshire, Agility Marketing has worked with Mead Open Farm for over 10 years.  Open daily, the farm offers an action packed day out for the whole family plus incredible school holiday and adult evening events. Over the years events have included OinkFest, The Magic of Christmas, Character Days, Adult Christmas Parties, The Howl Scream Park, Tribute Acts and more. 

The Challenge

Mead Open Farm needed to boost their Pumpkin FunFest event bookings through their digital advertising campaigns.

Due to COVID-19 all bookings had to be placed online therefore it was even more crucial to target people through social media and encourage them to visit the website and book their slot.

The Strategy

It was vital to target both hot and cold audiences in order to reach a wide range of customers.

Website tracking was used to create audience lists in order to target potential customers who we knew had an interest in the event and the attraction. The creative was adapted depending on the target audience in order to refine our message and achieve the best possible results.

Our creative and online teams worked collaboratively to split the budget across Facebook and Instagram and produced a strong two week online campaign. Our online team continuously monitored the ads and we used these statistics to push out the strongest creative and ultimately get the best results.

The Results

  • 85% conversion rate on Facebook and Instagram
  • 12% engagement rate on Facebook and Instagram
  • 25% increase in web traffic compared to 2019
  • We worked with the Mead team to create and refresh the online creative weekly
  • We tailored messaging to specific online audiences
  • We continually monitored and improved results as the campaign progressed

“Agility continually refresh and pro-actively evolve our strategy, ensuring we stay up to date with the latest opportunities.”

Pumpkin Farming at Mead Open Farm
Pumpkin at Mead Open Farm
Childcare at Mead Open Farm

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