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Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok….social media should be a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re not sure where to start, need a bit of inspiration or someone to take full control, our team can help.

Our expertise covers all of the main social media platforms (and the smaller, emerging ones too.) We’ll review your goals and customer base to advise where you should spend your time. Working on 20 Attractions and Day Nurseries annually across the country, we know the optimal way to reach and engage your audience.

We can help with creative too. From generating ideas and running workshops to developing content plans, creating stunning new video and photography or working with your team to give the content you have the spark it needs to stand out, we’ll increase engagement, drive clicks and use expert insights to get results.

5 Steps to Success

  1. We’ll assess your current position and your goals, evaluating your current strengths.
  2. We’ll create a social media strategy bespoke to you. Which social channels should your business prioritise, when and why?
  3. We’ll agree key messages and brainstorm creative content.
  4. Two heads are better than one! Campaigns are developed in conjunction with a Project Manager, Marketing Assistant and Online Manager, whilst a Director will oversee the overall strategy.
  5. At the end of each campaign, you’ll get an insightful report, with your performance bench marked against industry averages.

Why Choose Our Team?

  • We post throughout the year for over 20 clients
  • We develop social strategy’s rooted in experience and results
  • We know what to post and when
  • We know how to help your teams capture content, easily
  • We know how to enhance content to make it the best it can be
  • We understand your industry and on which channels your time and budget should be spent for the best results.

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