Getting more from a CRM system for Kids Play Childcare

Getting more from a CRM system for Kids Play Childcare


Leads in the first 3 months


Increase in web conversion rates


Minimum email open rate

The Client

Kids Play Childcare own and manage 10 Day Nurseries across the UK, as well as after school clubs. Their ethos is strongly based on nature based play and offer childcare from children from 6 weeks to 13 years of age.

The Challenge

Kids Play Childcare chose Agility Marketing as we had successfully delivered a CRM programme for one of their other businesses. A key challenge for them as a Nursery chain is that when someone enquires they don’t have an immediate need and could be enquiring for a space in 12 months time. We needed a system that would store all leads created, act as a system for their sales team and keep parents warm inbetween contact by their sales team. In addition, Kids Play Childcare wanted to find ways to convert more of their web traffic into leads.

The Strategy

The strategy has been to gain insight, test, review results and evolve by breaking down the customer journey to maximise every touchpoint.

To generate more leads, we quickly identified that whilst many people visited the website, many were not quite ready to book a tour. To ensure we had the opportunity to capture this lead we introduced E-books parents could register for.

Another key aspect of nursery marketing, is that many parents will enquire 6-12 months before needing the space or committing to a nursery place. We introduced a keep in touch programme that provides useful ‘how to’ articles, written by Kids Play’s Nursery Managers.

Parents with young children are always hungry for information to help develop their children and the open rates on these articles are high. The CRM system we chose has enabled the sales team to track and work all leads, as well as allow the marketeers to generate leads and keep them warm via the keep in touch programme.

We have also heavily relied upon automation. On open days for example, many of the reminder emails get sent automatically to avoid heavy admin.

The Results

  • Leads increased by 3000 in the first 12 months
  • 15% increase in website conversion rate
  • Over 42% open rate achieved on emails sent
  • Increased sales team productivity
  • Easily attainable statistics for client meetings
  • Capitalised on every lead

The CRM system has revolutionised the way we deal with enquiries. It has enabled the sales team and marketing agency to deliver more leads and better results.

Paul Sharp- MD Kids Play Childcare

Child petting Rabbit at Kids Play Childcare
Gardening at Kids Play Childcare
Childcare at Kids Play Childcare

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