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  • Maximising web & digital initiatives

    Digital marketing for the zoo, farm park, theme park and the scream park industry is a key strength at Agility Marketing. Implementing over 200 campaigns every year (with all including a digital marketing element), enables us to test initiatives quickly, identify areas that are under performing, as well as promptly roll out new strategies as a reaction to changing algorithms.

    At Agility, you will have access to the shared knowledge and expertise throughout our team. All campaigns are developed in conjunction with a Project Manager and our Online Manager, whilst a Director will oversee the overall strategy. At the end of each campaign, you also obtain an insightful report, with your performance benchmarked against our industry averages.

    Whether we are increasing your website traffic or improving your website, we implement proven leisure industry formulas.

    Our USPs in this section

    • We are a trusted Google Partner and have won Digital Marketing Awards.
    • At a glance we know whether results are good, excellent or average.
    • We know what type of organic posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work the best for your audience.
    • We currently obtain 30 second video views from just 2p per view on You Tube or Facebook.
    • We strategically use remarketing across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google to get more repeat visits.
    • Love them or hate them, review sites are here to stay. We have a formula that is guaranteed to increase your ratings.
    • Websites need to capture attention and sell tickets. Let us audit your website and show you where you are going wrong.

    How we do it?

    With every new client, our first task is to reality check what you are currently doing. We want to assess how engaging your social media is, what you are doing to promote your networks, how effective your website is on both mobile and desktop, as well as how you drive traffic to your website.

    Your strategy will be written by a Director and our Online Manager and implementation handled by one of our Project Managers.

    “Agility have delivered results again and again. Would recommend without hesitation”
    Richard Waring, Rand Farm Park.
  • Planning for marketing success

    We understand the visitor attraction industry and follow proven leisure marketing strategies that focuses the budget where and when you will get the biggest returns.

    As a marketing agency, we have launched new attractions, as well as delivered returns for established leisure attractions. Many of our clients have been with us for over 5 years; a fact we are very proud of.

    At Agility we can either plan a campaign, reality check your marketing plan or develop a launch marketing plan from scratch.

    Planning for Success - expertise

    Our USPs in this section

    • We have developed a marketing model with a proven track record.
    • We work purely in the visitor attraction sector.
    • We can track client results against industry benchmarks to identify opportunities.
    • We continually seek out new strategies and marketing techniques, to improve our client’s results.
    • Across the business, we have strong expertise online and offline.
    • Our MD is Chair of the BALPPA Marketing Committee and speaks at industry events.

    How we do it?

    We use the Agility Marketing Model for all our attractions. It provides a framework that we base all our clients marketing plans upon and highlights the appropriate strategy to use.

    The strategy works on 3 core principles; attractions should focus on growing their peaks (unless they are at capacity); they need to prioritise their spend to those with the highest propensity of converting and visitor attractions need to provide new reasons to visit to avoid the product becoming stale.

    In addition to identifying the most appropriate marketing techniques, we also benchmark key areas. Working with so many attractions enables us to measure results and identify areas our clients can improve.

    “We have now worked with Agility for over 10 years but numbers still grow. 2016 is our busiest year. “
    Matt Heast, Mead Open Farm
  • Managing your full marketing

    Half of our visitor attraction clients outsource their total marketing to Agility, enabling them to focus on the day to day operations of their visitor attraction.

    As a full service marketing client, you obtain an in-depth marketing plan, a review of your visitor mix and online indicators, the strategy for the year ahead and a month by month budget.

    The plan drives the day to day activity that Agility undertake for you, however, we also undertake mini reviews after Easter and Summer to ensure we cannot exploit any further opportunities.

    For our marketing department clients we are more than an agency, we are a partner and work incredibly closely to your business.

    Full Marketing - Expertise

    Our USPs in this section

    • You have a team working on your account. From planning to implementation, everyone works at the right level.
    • We monitor all our client’s results and spur on the teams by sharing the top results.
    • You obtain help 52 weeks a year. Absences on holiday or sickness are covered.
    • We are contractually obliged to deliver the plan we agree. We don’t get side-tracked.
    • We have a proven track record.
    • We combine our digital marketing expertise and marketing planning skills to deliver best in class results.

    How we do it?

    As a Marketing Department client, you’ll have a Board Director overseeing strategy and a Project Manager managing your account day to day. The Project Manager will have the support of a Marketing Assistant and Online Marketing Manager to ensure your account runs smoothly.

    Having a team working across our accounts ensures everyone works at the right level and also ensures cover for absences on holiday.

    Every Marketing Department client follows the same internal processes. Each has a Marketing Plan and a schematic showing the tasks week by week. We measure online results every month and after each advertising campaign, plus can provide visitor attractions with a visitor number template to complete if they don’t already have one.

    We don’t forget, however, you are the client. At the start of our relationship, we will agree the approval process. Some clients want a lot of involvement, whilst others are happy for us to get on with it after initial go ahead.

    Most communication is undertaken by phone, video call or email. We meet with our marketing department clients between 8 and 12 times per year.

    For every new client was also have an 100 Day Feedback Meeting, that allows us to fine tune how we work together. Essentially, at Agility are very flexible and willing to adapt processes if it makes it easier for the client.

    “It’s great to know Agility are working diligently on our marketing. They have our complete trust. “
    Ed Sykes, Piglets
  • Facebook training workshops

    Our research has revealed Facebook is still the most popular network amongst mums with children, with 70% using the social media channel on a daily basis.

    Within Agility, we post both organically on Facebook for over 20 clients every year and run over 100 Facebook advertising campaigns annually.

    The Facebook workshop is undertaken with your marketing team responsible for your social media. We will share how you can get more reach, more engagement and how to maximise results from the Facebook advertising channel.

    Facebook workshops - expertise

    Our USPs in this section

    • We know how attractions can easily create regular content without too much pressure on their operational teams.
    • We monitor the type of posts that get the most reach and engagement.
    • You obtain what is working right now. The workshop is updated the week before the training.
    • We track all our client’s results and can identify if your results are excellent, good or below average.
    • Our online team run over 100 Facebook advertising campaigns annually and can share their strategies for a successful campaign.
    • You’ll discover how frequently you should post at different times of the year.

    How we do it?

    The Facebook workshops are a new product for Agility and to date, we’ve done a couple within attractions. Before the workshop, we gain access to your results and review them against the Facebook results we obtain for our clients.

    We look at how frequently you are posting on Facebook, the content in your posts, the type of post and the reach/engagement they are obtaining. We also audit how many people check in and what you do to encourage this or grow your follower base.

    If you use advertising, we shall also review these results and show how you can improve them. If you are not using advertising, we will share what you should be doing.

    The Workshops fee covers us evaluating your results ahead of the training session, a one day workshop and telephone support after the event.

    “Very useful workshop and productive. “
    Paradise Wildlife Park
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